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The new equation to transformation

"Innovation" = "Business as Usual"

The largest hurdle to actualisation of idea is the delay between ideation to reality. And, there is a clear need for organizations to revolutionize the way that they have been doing things for decades in order to not just excel, but also, to keep up with the demands of the twenty-first century.


Organizations that perceive innovation as “business as usual” are the one which will survive and thrive in today's time. Innovation has to be embedded directly into the organization’s culture and be practiced. i/Oligos enables businesses to excel with new age innovation and technologies to shorten the time to market. Our solutions and services to real world problems are designed using the 3 major levers for digital world - cloud, automation and data analytics.

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Who we are

We are a health innovation services company utilizing new age technologies and experience of research in lab. We are working towards bringing down the time to market by 80% than usual.

What we do

We are developing a safe human centric digital health platform with multiple channels, integrations and self learning. We are intending to improve health outcomes and make it affordable to commons, by applying scientific and new age technological practices in health care lifecycle.

How we do

The 3i of i/Oligos

  • Innovation

  • Integration

  • Insights

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